Search Engine Optimization

Why GMB Optimization and Search Engine Optimization Should Be Your Focus

When you are you wasted thousands of dollars on clicks for ads that many seem to be fraudulent or have a limited budget at your disposal like man small and medium businesses; you need to manage your priorities to what will pay off short-term but also long-term. Paid marketing is a good option to gain targeted leads in quick time but the cost of acquiring those leads might turn out to be too expensive as they usually range anywhere between 20 to 100+ dollars per click depending on your industry. This is where you can get qualified leads minus that ongoing expense by focusing on local & targeted SEO and GMB Optimization. If you know how to claim your Google My Business account, we have done these thousands of times, it doesn’t cost you anything (literally it’s a FREE Google Service) and once you are in what is called the “Maps 3 Pack” search results in SEO and Google My Business Listing, you are almost guaranteed of getting leads that will convert on a daily basis (frequency basis depends on industry & any seasonality).

Our SEO & GMB Optimization Approach

Our approach to SEO & GMB Optimization is pretty straight forward and systematic.  Even though we keep things simple for our clients, Google is always changing what they are looking at for SEO, so it isn’t always a simple cookie-cutter approach for every business. We look at all aspects of your business as well as your customer’s end-user-experience and develop a 360-degree approach for your business. Our SEO process includes audience research, technical SEO Optimization, onsite optimization, call-to-action promotion, and conversion optimization. These key factors are for one purpose – to get your business (different pages of your site) on Page 1 of the major search engines. Achieving this success ensures that you can spend the little extra time you have by growing your business while we take care of the things we specialize in: on-page optimization, off-page optimization, technical SEO, SEO auditing and competitor analysis. The best part is that we give you a GUARANTEE for our SEO Services.  We use traditional as well as non-traditional SEO tactics that are proven to get results!

Search Engine Optimization

The GMB Optimization Process

Show up when people are looking for your services, but don’t know YOU

Verify Google My Business Page

Once you have claimed your GMB (Google My Business) Listing, you still have to verify the business via a two-part verification process. In most cases Google will send a small postcard with a 6-digit PIN to verify the business location given is accurate and you have access to the mail at that address. Once you give us the PIN, we will log into the GMB account and enter the PIN to verify your business. The PIN is only good for 30 days, as Google uses this to ensure that all listing is correct. The address also can’t be a P.O Box in order to prevent fraudulent identities or inaccurate multiple listings.

Business Info & Descriptions

You give us access to your GMB after our initial onboarding call and we will fill in your basic business information. As specialists of Google My Business GMB listing Optimization, we understand the importance of options given such as business category (or adding multiple relevant categories), full contact information and accurate office hours. We work with you to get high-resolution photos that are tagged properly and uploaded to the platform so your potential customers can see who you are as a business. We make sure that we get the name, address and phone number (NAP) of your business 100% accurate to match the information on the website and across any other directory listings. While this isn’t rocket science & it may seem very basic, we have seen many business owners make the mistake of choosing only one category or even the wrong category or have allowed a different phone number or website to be listed from a previous marketing company.


You don’t want to miss the Services tab, as it is really important to help Google understand the different products & services you provide. Google doesn’t have every niche category listed so some businesses won’t fit into any one particular category given as an option in your GMB account. This problem can be overcome by adding keywords relevant to the business within the business name field. Customizing this section helps highlight the specific products or services that are most important of your business. Potential customers who are in search of your products or services will be quickly drawn to your listing because of fully filling out the additional features provided on your GMB page that has been well optimization. Creating trustworthiness to your potential customers through this process.

Products (Beta)

Just like the services tab, this tab is really beneficial to helping rank in the maps especially if there are products you can sell through your website or to clients when they are at your store or you are with them. Too many people miss this tab as it started showing up several months ago, and it is a little monotonous. However, when you put the product pictures and pricing it will actually show up and give customers the ability to view all your products. The more you put on here, the better.


Too many business owners ignore the Posts part of GMB, especially after Google+ for individuals went away. However, the posts are really important to your Google My Business page and are useful as you can post about special events, offers or coupons, or simply want to promote a new blog, service, or page on any of your owned properties. We will help in creating these for your business whenever you have something going on or just want to keep your audience informed. Posts can be up to 300 words in length while also including a photo or a clickable call to action button. If you have events that run more than one day, there is the option to put in a date range too.


Reviews aren’t a new feature, but everyone knows how important they are for building trust in your business as well as to help you rank. Sometimes you will see some listings that don’t have reviews, but how many people do you think click on those listings vs the listings that have a lot of great reviews. We try to teach and help you implement tactics that help in getting clients to write reviews for you, while we will respond to your reviews on your behalf as it is a crucial part of online reputation management. Responding to both good and bad reviews are extremely important, and we know that you can’t please every client. Did you know that 88% of consumers trust online reviews they read as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member? Some studies have shown that 30% of people feel that just responding or not responding to online reviews by local businesses was a key factor for them to judge a business. The response to the review is almost as important as the review itself. People can tell if a bad review is real or if the person writing it is unrealistic, as well as if the business owner is being sincere in the response.


Content is so important for SEO, and the most important kind of content anymore is video content. Google allows GMB owners to add a 30-second video about their business to show potential customers what the business is about. In our current society, people are much more likely to watch your video than to read a bunch of text. The videos do not have to be professionally done, but you do want them to have good content, sound, and picture quality. If you are a location-based business that has customers coming into your location, scheduling the video tour by a certified Google videographer is a great way to showcase a business’ waiting room, shelving as well as what customers could expect when they walk in.

Our SEO Process

There are 6 main comprehensive steps we look at to get your business on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) on Google.

Analysis of Your Website

We analyze your website through an SEO audit that looks at the structure of your site and what SEO has already been implemented and effective. Doing SEO audit is a must for any business website to know what is missing or needing to add as well as what pieces are sound. This helps in understanding what pages are getting most of the traffic as well as what is converting. Our SEO audit consists of several different aspects including keyword research and rankings, technical analysis, on-page analysis, inbound link analysis, speed optimization and analysis of top competitors.

Competitor Analysis

We use a variety of technical software tools to show you where and why your competitors are showing above you in the search results. We will also show you your competitor’s weaknesses and what strengths we want to replicate for your benefit. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is important to find out what keywords we can rank for quickly while looking at others that will take more time to rank.  We do the same thing with your competitor’s keywords and find out how they rank compared to you and what you or your competitor may be missing out on.

On-Page Optimization

As the name suggests, on-page optimization is about making sure the targeted pages have the right metadata, alt tags, “h” tags and appropriate content to help those pages rank in the SERP. On-page optimization is extremely important because it is what your potential customers are looking at, as well as what Google’s bot is reading.  We have to make sure it meets both their needs.  There are many aspects to this, and we will talk in further detail about those tasks during our monthly calls. 

Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization is everything that is not on your actual website but how it links to relevant articles or sites as well as what articles and sites are linking back to yours. Typically when people think of off-page optimization they typically think link building.  Link building uses to be really important when it didn’t matter where the link came from as long as it was a link.  Now the link coming from a relevant industry site, social media as well as local business sites in your community are really important.  The social signals your social media sends to your website is also important in being relevant and overall brand marketing. By social signals, we mean things such as likes, retweets or shares, comments, & and reviews are just some of the elements of off-page optimization. Off-page optimization is important as it helps a business gain visibility to an audience you are trying to capture.

Technical SEO

The term “Technical SEO” refers to the SEO practices that allow search engine bots to crawl through a website in an organized manner showing the information contained on the site. We ensure our clients that all the onsite SEO is perfectly in place with up-to-date code according to Google’s bot liking. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, we will recommend updating your site based on Google’s mobile-first algorithm. We also look to make sure there isn’t keyword cannibalization, duplicate content as well as there aren’t any internal or external broken links.


9 Benefits Of Local SEO Or GMB Optimization Services

According to Google, more than 46 % of all searches have local intent. Yet, businesses regularly fail to take advantage of this fact by not registering on the -free-to-use Google My Business platform. Here are 9 benefits that your business is missing out on. Claim these benefits today!

Show up in Google Maps Searches

Consumers always look at the proximity of a business to their location when searching for a local business. While a Google search is helpful, most consumers use Google Maps to locate nearby businesses. When your business has its own Google My Business Listing, your store location will also start showing up for people who are searching nearby for your product or service. This increases the likelihood of some of those people coming to your store to make a purchase.

Show up in Google’s Local 3-pack

Local search results for businesses are shown in a pack of 3 where three local businesses are listed at the top for a given product or service. With Google My Business listing, you can greatly increase your chances of becoming visible in the top three. The best part of these listings is that not only do they show where your business is located but they show up before organic results thus making you instantly visible. In terms of numbers, brands that show up on Google’s local 3-pack get a 700% boost in clicks compared to brands that don’t.

Earn trust from customers

The modern customer faces a big problem when it comes to developing trust for them to make a purchase with complete peace of mind. As a business, your job is to make this task easier for the customer and help them to buy the product. One of the big things you can do to accomplish this is to show customers that you have an actual physical location. People already trust Google and our Google map optimization ensures your business shows up in the local listings, which makes your business more trustworthy.

Star ratings boost your appeal

Reviews and ratings are a crucial element in increasing a customer’s confidence. When was the last time you brought something online without looking at the ratings? When you have a Google My Business listing, customers will be able to review your business and leave feedback that others can see. You will get an unbiased opinion about what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. The more you deliver quality products and a quality experience to people and the more you respond to people’s reviews, your reputation will be enhanced. You will gain an edge over competing businesses.

Increase Traffic and Sales

Local businesses often face the challenge of getting a consistent number of footfalls coming in through the year This problem can be solved by having a GMB Listing. Businesses are as much as 70 % more likely to attract local visits to their store when they show up on local searches. Another interesting figure is that customers who visit a business after finding their listing on Google re more than 50 % likely to make a purchase.

Rank higher in results

When you provide quality, have consistent and accurate information on your Google My Business listing Optimization, you will be loved by Google and it will rank you higher in its Search and Maps results. This means Google will tell your consumers more about you. More potential customers coming to know about you is good news as it increases the likelihood of footfalls to your store or business. Higher visibility also results in more confidence building for your customers who will now correlate your business with trustworthiness.

Increase Engagement

Google My Business Listing helps ease accessibility and increase engagement. Potential customers can easily access your website or call you with just one click of a button. In case you have a business, such as a restaurant, people can easily make a booking. When you’re easily reachable and have a prompt service responding to potential customers, this increases the good vibes towards your business as you come across professional and helpful. Even if you don’t get a sale immediately, people will remember your business the next time they need a product or service that you provide.

Free Google Advertising

Google My Business Listing offers a form of free and fast visibility on google compared to other methods such as SEO. You, of course, have the option of running ads but then you also need to have a certain budget in place depending on your requirements. Creating, claiming and verifying your GMB listing doesn’t take much time. It also takes a minimal amount of time to optimize your profile compared to building your website authority through organic results that will take months. This is a fast and cheap marketing strategy that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Stand out from competitors

An effective Google My Business Listing offers a succinct profile of your business while depicting your value at the same time. All the essential information is given to your prospective customers and this enables you to stand out from competitors. Google is adding new things to its search results regularly such as answer boxes and related questions. These results will only increase in the times to come. Get your profile set up today with our google local business listing optimization (Google local listing Optimization) and start reaping the benefits.

Long-term sustainable results

Our SEO process has got all the bases covered so you can rest assured that the results that you will get are going to long -term and sustainable.

No Long-term Contract

Unlike many other SEO companies, we don’t bind you in a long-term binding contract for 6-months or 1-year. You can cancel the contract in a month if you are not happy with our services.