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it isn’t about selling you a product or telling you what you need to do.

At S & S Business Consultants, it isn’t about selling you a product or telling you what you need to do. We want to understand the infrastructure of your business, what business goals you are trying to accomplish, and help make your business run more efficient & effective. Automating your business is one of the most important things a business can do in 2018 moving forward. From how you communicate with your customers via email, text, & social media updating them on specials, billing, appointment reminders, or working on getting more reviews to build your word-of-mouth. Manually doing these things takes time, something most small business owners do not have in abundance. However, no matter how good you get at automation, if you don’t take care of your clients & do a great job at what you do; none of it matters. Helping make sure that all your client-facing employees are answering phones properly, helping secure new clients, and making sure follow-up is done properly is key in assuring any automation done improves your customer experience & bottom-line.

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Henry Ford is famously quoted as saying,

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man that stops a clock to save time.”

That being said, not all advertising is created equally as many business owners have found out over time. You also can’t put all your marketing dollars to one specific marketing product as media comes to us every day in a variety of places and apps. Different marketing medias work differently for different industries, and it is important to spread your marketing budget across different platforms while optimizing for your best cost-per-lead while taking into effect client acquisition costs for each individual platform.


“Creativity without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called advertising”

– Prof. Jef L. Richards

While we provide many different marketing solutions for our clients, S & S Business Consultants does not provide all marketing solutions. We can, however, guide you through some of those options to help you make the most informed decision. No matter the kind of marketing you do for you business, you need to make sure you can track the results while the message is uniform across all medias. You do not want to confuse you customers about who you are, what you do, or the product you sell. You also want to make sure you understand your customer so well that the message created makes them think & feel how great your product will be for them.

“Only a Fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others”

– Otto Von Bismarck

Have You Ever Worked with A Business Advisor?

While some of you have worked with a business advisor in the past, the typical experience is some “sales guy/girl” called or walked into your business pushing a product that made them the most money while it wasn’t exactly what you wanted or needed. Sound familiar? After working for a large national marketing company and seeing the “flavor of the week” being forced on the salespeople to sell because the product was most profitable for the company helped the company hit “digital” numbers to show investors, I started this company with the idea of putting the businesses first. My idea of a Business Advisor is someone that actually listens to the goals of a business, looking at their processes and reasoning behind each process, and coming up with ideas or plans to help the business accomplish their goals. Without understanding how you run your business and what you are wanting to accomplish, there is not a person on this earth that can give you a real solution; only sell you a product that may (if you’re lucky) or may not accomplish your business goals.

We can help you implement a plan, but if not enforced or done every day, experience & data show companies going back to where they started. I have been in the marketing industry for over 10 years and finishing my Masters in Business Administration (MBA), I have read many case studies on how successful companies have been or become successful while also working with hundreds of them first hand. While reading something is helpful, actually doing an experiencing is much effective in retaining what you have learned. The only way you ever really learn something is by really messing something up, wasting money or doing something many times with varying degrees of success to know how to do it. I have done all those things while really messing something up and wasting money at the same time has always helped in learning at a faster pace. Learn from my mistakes and the mistakes I have learned from other business owners in your industry to accomplish your business goals faster.